June 8th, 2011 by Dr. Peterson

Zymaderm, also known as Virucide, has various components such as iodine and thuja mixed in alternifolia base, which is tea tree oil. The main components of the drug actually have a positive history when used topically to treat all types of skin conditions.  Zymaderm is known to be a safe and natural agent used topically to treat specific type of rashes, specifically Molluscum. It is plant-based and therefore all-natural, painless, non-toxic and is absolutely devoid of drug components.


Zymaderm has been in use under close medical check and supervision of medical doctors for at least two years before it was made available to the general public. There was absolutely no report of side effects from the usage of this medicine. Two years or even more of medical follow up is required by the Food and Drug Administration before a new drug can be released to the public. It is been discovered that 1 in every 3000 persons who use Zymaderm will develop a particular reaction such as sensitization to the drug. This becomes evident in a form of itching, redness, and irritation that usually spreads beyond the affected areas of the herpes bump or Molluscum itself. If in any case, a patient becomes irritated with the use of Zymaderm, discontinued usage is recommended.

Is Zymaderm Safe?

Zymaderm can be applied safely to most parts of the body, most especially the face, genital areas, and all parts of the human skin. This can likewise by applied on the lips, but only on the exterior part. Patient must avoid applying within the oral cavity like the tongue or interior part of the cheek or buccal mucosa. One should likewise avoid getting the medicine in his eyes as this will bring about stinging effect. If Zymaderm however accidentally gets into the eye, one should flush the affected eye with running tap water.

Each bottle of Zymaderm has rod applicator or brush which can be used in facilitating the application to the bump. Although it has no adverse effect on normal skin, contact or application should be avoided as there is a possibility of skin sensitization of the skin which is in the form of irritation or redness. If a patient has Molluscum bumps within the area of the eyes, one effective way of applying Zymaderm is by using the pin head. It will apply sufficient amount of Zymaderm that’s needed to moisten the Molluscum bump. However, one must be careful not to overdo the application lest the medicine gets into the eye.

Is Zymaderm For Everyone?

Zymaderm is homeopathic formula that has the approval of the FDA. It conforms fully to the required rules and standards of the Homeopathic Pharacopeia of the US, a major health group recognized by the FDA. Each ingredient in Zymaderm is found in Pharmacopeia and declared as useful ingredients meant for curing skin rash problems. Drug-free agents that are found in HPUS for the treatment of certain conditions, any product that contains such agents can be marketed for such conditions san new approval from the FDA. Zymaderm is able to meet such criteria specified within HPUS. However, while Zymaderm is approved by the FDA for use as homeopathic agent, this is different from the statement that it is also approved by the FDA as treatment agent for Molluscum.